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Going to market with suture solutions is not an easy undertaking, and it’s certainly not swift. With numerous factors to consider – from the design and manufacturing of sutures and needles to ensuring quality standards and meeting regulatory standards – this process can take years.

Healthium can shorten, simplify and streamline this process for you with customised OEM and Private Label solutions. Regardless of the size or complexity of your order, you can rely on us to provide you with a wide range of needles and suture materials designed and manufactured to your unique specifications – from semi-finished and finished sutures to packaging.

Our Scope of OEM Services

Custom Design
Precision Manufacturing
Product Testing
Quality Assessment
Clinical Support
Regulatory Support

42,000+ SKUs for Surgical Needles

Manufactured using specialised steel alloys, we offer a wide range of channel type, drilled-end, eyed and specialty needles ranging from 120 to 1800 micron diameter, with a variety of curvatures and points to address diverse surgical needs.

1,800+ SKUs for Advanced Sutures

Our wide range of specialty surgical sutures are designed for various applications and are available in three main types: absorbable, non-absorbable and knotless sutures.

10+ Packaging Options

To help you carve a unique identity in the medical devices market, we offer various packaging options that can be customised to fit your logo and branding.

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Why Healthium

For over 30+ years, we have held ourselves to the highest quality standards in R&D and manufacturing and have become a trusted name in the industry – in India and worldwide.

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Indian medtech company to receive CE under new EU MDR norms for Class III implants

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