An innovative and comprehensive product suite driven by focused research and development efforts


Research &
Development Focus

With a strong focus on R&D, Healthium Medtech operates 7 high-precision, integrated and scaled manufacturing facilities with global certifications and approvals such as US FDA, CE, ISO, and TGA.

We are proud to be one of Asia’s first companies (and India’s very first) to receive the prestigious CE certification under the new EU-MDR norms for Class III implants, which ensures the highest safety and quality standards as a medical device manufacturer. All of our manufacturing facilities employ technology that we have developed in-house to ensure high quality and to allow for extensive customisation of our products to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

With global presence across 90+ countries, we now have 85+ patents (including pending applications) across the US, Europe and India. We also have 23 stock keeping units unique to Healthium. Since fiscal year 2018, we have sold 30 new products, including a patented portfolio of arthroscopy solutions.

Driving Innovation:

Healthium’s Many Firsts